ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • High Efficiency cleaning, Camera real-time location by hundreds of different objects.
  • Clean edges and corners with edge-to-edge cleaning.
  • Swivel steering for easy maneuvering around furniture and other obstacles.
  • Remove pet hair with specialized pet tools, including pet hair angle tools and pet tools.
  • Powerful 2 amp motor captures particles such as dust and pollen, while the washable filter system traps dirt and improves air quality.
  • Thanks to the 3-in-1 design with built-in crevice tool, you can adapt your vacuum cleaner to your needs.signature rotary control improves maneuverability and cleaning efficiency compared to standard stick vacuums.


ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 7

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ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Visual Navigation, APP Virtual Barrier, Breakpoint Continuous Cleaning, Draw Cleaning Area On Map

ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner the world’s first robot vacuum cleaner with a multi-function system. support WIFI app control, Alex, Google Home, Siri, etc. Visual real-time position map construction, built-in dual RSCI processor core combines with a map, navigation, sensors, etc. Hardware accelerators to achieve more accurate positioning and map construction.


  • High Efficiency cleaning, Camera real-time location by hundreds of different objects.
  • Support remote upgrade of firmware and software, keep your robot vacuum in best position. Lifetime upgrade free of charge.
  • Map upload & storage on APP, when your next time use, it will show history map of your room.
  • Hand drawing virtual blocker on APP, get rid of virtual blocker or magnetic stripe. Drawing Specified cleaning area as you want.
  • Breakpoint continue cleaning: If battery gets low before finishing a cleaning task, x6 robot will go back to charging base to full recharge then automatically returns to where it left over and complete the rest cleaning job.
  • Remember where the charge base, go back to charge base in shortest way.
  • Three level adjustable suction power: mute, normal, max.
  • Intelligent water tank: Electric controlled water tank allows water to flow only during movement, electric pump controlled, more accuracy.
  • Stable infiltration, mop and dry, no water stains, no moving, no infiltration.
  • Three level adjustable water tank level: slow, normal, quick.
  • Automatic detection of soft&hard ground system to improve product path stability and cleaning coverage.


Specification: ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Brand Name ABIR
Power (W) <500W
Voltage (V) 14.8V
Function Wet And Dry
Dust Box Capacity (L) 0.6-1 L
Dust Storage Type Dust Box/Dust Bucket
Battery Life 2 hours
Certification CB, ce, EMC, GS, ROHS
Bag Or Bagless Bagless
Installation Robot
Timing Reservation Yes
Size(mm) 330*330*76
Remote Control Yes
Special Suction Nozzle Efficient Brush
Filter Type HEPA
Model Number ABIR X6
Turbo Brush Yes
Cord Length (m) Wireless
Cleaning Route Planned Type
Navigation System Camera+VSLAM+SLAM Triple Navigation
Maps Building Driverless Level SLAM Algorithm
Map Memory Upgade and Storage
Slective Cleaning Zone YES
APP Virtual Barrier 4 PCS Setting
Intelligent Voice Control Alexa, Google home, Yandex Alice etc.
Breakpoint Continuous Cleaning YES
Electric Water Tank 360ml
Dustbin box 600ml
Max Suction 4000pa
Fan Type Japan NIDEC Brushless Motor
Wet Mopping Type Electric-Controlled Air Pump
Water Outlet Adjustment Three Levels
Firmware Upgrade OTA Continuous Online Upgrade
Cleaning Time 120mins
Warranty Period 3 Years Warranty
Weight 9.73 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 3 in

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  1. A***v

    Thank you Service! Great item!!! Honestly, I’m in shock as he vacuumed and washed the floors. The Service is always in touch and it is delighted, at the time of order was Anonymous New Year and coronovirus I took with understanding how and asked the Service and waited before shipment, as sent quickly came now already favorite Abir X6. As a gift put a rag for waiting, although promised an additional battery. Actually Cool Robot!!! Thank you. I also add the video review!!!

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  2. R***h

    Excellent model for dry and wet cleaning, maintaining daily order in the house. Convenient Control. Easy to clean the dust collector, pour water, change the cloth. Really accurately builds the map and passes the obstacles. Always returns to the base and starts cleaning exactly from where it’s finished, if you go to recharge. convenient settings and status tracking through the app. Completely safe for parquet and carpets wet cleaning. Large set of programs and modes. In general, everything liked, I recommend.

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  3. R***a

    Advantages: capacious water tank, water flow control when washing. Very well does wet cleaning, water supply adjustment. convenient cleaning after work. I run a couple of times a week-it became noticeably less dirt than with manual cleaning-I go home barefoot again. Best navigation. The ability to divide the room by rooms, add invisible walls (for example, where wires are laid). draws and memorizes the exact map of the room, a lot of cleaning modes (you can expose for each room its mode in one cleaning), well cleanses the floor. The best robot vacuum cleaner on the market at the moment. Disadvantages: Vacuum cleaner not? Does he speak? At Russian. Comment: This is the best home appliance bought by me in my life.

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  4. R***y

    Unimaginable quality cleaning! Thoughtful logic of cleaning with the construction of a room Map and the ability to do it several times in a row and in a strictly limited area. Building a map of the room and its subsequent cleaning the required number of times, with the required power. Remote board (WiFi, through the weback app): start, stop, set up, manual “steering” and a pack of other parameters. Overcomes all obstacles in the House: high carpets, 1.5 cm. On the table., the thresholds of several millimeters at all do not count, qualitatively passes the legs. convenient removal and cleaning of the container and brushes. Long battery life: 50 sq. m removes in the turbocharger 2 times, while consuming 33% of the battery

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  5. R***a

    Cool thing. I did not think I would appreciate it, my wife is delighted. Time saves. Requires a thorough survey of the premises where cleaning is planned, for the presence of wires from chargers and other trifles. For cleaning 52 sq. m. Spends about 50% charge. 20-30 minutes. Convenient Control through the application and running cleaning without it. Difficulties with setting did not arise. Everything is intuitive. Cleaning at altitude, comfortable modes. The carpet shows that it is cleaned as it should. Accurate positioning in zone mode. Everything is solved, washed. Sufficiently passable (thresholds, stops from the dryer) without problems. On the carpet 1 – 1,5 cm comes.

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  6. R***a

    I was very afraid to buy, but I was pleasantly surprised. Charging for cleaning is enough. For cleaning 60 sq. m. First in dry mode, then only 50-60 percent wet use. It cleans pretty much. It is possible to control from the smartphone, the ability to change the suction power, the ability to change the humidity of the cleaning. Removes qualitatively, there are no blind places, goes anywhere where it needs to be done. Does not leave without attention any plot, and then again runs around the entire room in a circle. Where you can not remove the virtual wall. Not much contaminated floors wipe successfully, does not make much noise. Easy to use, you can control from the application, a large volume of battery, copes well with its task. For those who are not friends with applications, it is easy to start by pressing a button from the remote control .. Recommend!

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  7. R***g

    I always dreamed of such a small assistant, he is comfortable and copes with cleaning in hard-to-reach places, in addition, a large container of 600 ml, does not require constant cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is executed qualitatively from good materials, it is visible that reliable and will serve for a long time. By connecting the robot to the application, the user receives additional capabilities for robot control, with access to its functions from anywhere in the world, and Alice Yandex will be able by voice command from the user to start the robot on cleaning or make it return to the base. Work is happy, a real assistant in the apartment appeared. I really liked the design of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is very beautiful. I liked it, my wife liked it, I liked their friends too. Now have gift plan for next year ……

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  8. R***a

    Long chose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment. I wanted a robot vacuum cleaner because I’m too lazy, to walk all over the apartment and carry a box on wheels, which is also stuck between furniture and confused in wires. And finally bought this miracle. From the pluses I will add low noise, even at maximum power. Good navigation, well recognizes obstacles to itself and excellent carpet cleaning. The turbo brush really cleans thoroughly the hair and all the dust. But I run the vacuum cleaner 2 times on the carpet, so it seems to me the most effective. Almost after each cleaning, the vacuum cleaner collects a whole container of dust and hair. For 3 levels of work dry and wet cleaning. The power of dry cleaning is cool, there are no words. Wet cleaning-I remove linoleum and tiles only on Max water supply. Good and clean cleaning! Quality and modern. Fashionable and smart. Quiet and powerful. I am very pleased with my purchase.

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  9. R***z

    Advantages: 1. orientation system and laying of a rational route. 2 .. special unit for wet cleaning. 3… convenient fastening of side brushes. 4 .. There is a mode with increased suction power. 5. control from smartphone or tablet. 6. advanced work with map: virtual walls, cleaning area, moving to a given place. 7. cleaning on schedule. 8. good equipment. Disadvantages: to conditional minuses, we will take the absence of a Russian language in voice prompts, but it may well be added in the future, given the availability of localization in the annex.

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  10. R***a

    Easy to manage. The vacuum cleaner is fully rusified, the application is intuitive. The functionality is rich. Removes qualitatively. There was less dust at home. It works quietly even at maximum mode. Design is good! A good thing, necessary and high-quality. this is the second vacuum cleaner from this Service. Both work perfectly! Thank you very much

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  11. R***a

    The quality of cleaning, perhaps, exceeded my expectations. I thought a robot vacuum cleaner was more a toy than serious household appliances. But after the first cleaning, I changed my mind. I took out a dust container and found it full. The vacuum cleaner really performs its functions! Wet cleaning is an excellent addition to cleaning. Of course with a rag in the hands will get cleaned better, but for everyday maintenance of cleanliness is a very good option. It’s a home cleaning revolution! I am very pleased. Cleans on conscience. Wet cleaning can do well. Definitely recommend. Especially if your back hurts.

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  12. y***a

    Excellent assistant for cleaning an apartment. I have laminate flooring crawling baby and an area of about 120 squares. Daily wet cleaning is necessary. Vacuum cleaner is good. Especially if you remove everything unnecessary from the floor, raise the curtains and walk out. The floors wipe well, but I still a couple of times a week my own, after his dry cleaning. The apartment became much cleaner, despite the presence of a couple of cats. Really gives free time. And even with daily cleaning, he always has an almost full container, where he collects everything, I can’t imagine. Charging the robot is enough for the entire area of the apartment and for wet cleaning of a couple of rooms. excellent cleaning quality. You can control through a convenient application in the phone, even without being at home. Easy to clean, perfectly overcome obstacles and performs the set goals (you can specify the point, where I was very pleased with the purchase and consider this vacuum cleaner a necessary thing in the house. All my friends are pleasantly surprised when they see this miracle in work.

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  13. R***a

    I purchased a robot vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning of an apartment. For a long time I was looking for quality and reliable, I did not put the price in priority, I chose Abir X6. The vacuum cleaner is almost silent, the obstacle determines and runs around without problems. Well does cleaning, power is enough, so it copes well with cleaning carpets. I use it every day in the mode of complete cleaning, every three days I have to clean, as there is plenty of dust. Acquisition is happy! Much easier to breathe when less dust

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  14. R***h

    The quality of cleaning is quite good, if it removes in 2 rooms, everywhere, where he can climb into the power of his dimensions, removes well. especially does not make noise, if you close in the room, the sound does not interfere at all. It’s very simple to clean. Smart. Completely independent in work. Does not get stuck, is not lost, the declared characteristics correspond to all 100 percent. My best purchase of household appliances in the last 5 years. Good vacuum cleaner and wipe the floor. I’m happy!

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  15. R***b

    This model was strongly recommended by colleagues. The choice surpassed all my expectations. A small Assistant copes with all the tasks. Many functions in the vacuum cleaner but sorted out quite quickly and simply, reading the instruction. Now every day coming home from work, I meet purity and order. Vacuum cleaner powerful, relatively silent, not expensive in comparison with similar vacuum cleaners, makes like dry, and wet cleaning.

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  16. R***y

    The vacuum cleaner fully corresponds to the declared characteristics! Collects a lot of dust, even on the just washed floor, qualitatively passes through all corners and meticulously tries to climb into the most hard-to-reach places)) does not miss any site, navigation is excellent! Wet cleaning is very pleased-it was my main criterion for choosing this model. Very saves time while I’m doing other things, the floors are already clean! Friends also chose X6, although I did not tell them about the purchase! I think just really the best in the market for adequate. V

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  17. R***a

    I liked everything, it’s a good assistant. Behind the dog, wool removes very well. Conveniently controlled via the weback application. In a couple of clicks you can choose a cleaning room or the whole apartment. I like the function “virtual wall”.. Easy maintenance. We turn it on once a day, after 1-2 slaps of a tray full, which was an surprise-because visually everything is clear. Very pleased with the purchase.

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  18. C***a

    I arrive before the estimated time very well packed as in the description now to clean the house

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  19. R***c

    I recommend it to everyone! He’s worth the money! 1. great robot vacuum cleaner, powerful, smart, beautiful, with wet floor wipe. Convenient intuitive control. There is an application on the phone where everything is drawn and registered. 2. quietly enough, there are 3 power modes 3. sees obstacles, for all the time of operation, never confused in shoe laces and wires 4. It rides intelligently, in the application draws the map of the apartment 5. The thickness of the robot allows you to enter the ikeev floors 6. Furniture does not scratch, in the application you can set zones, Which the vacuum cleaner will drive 7. The battery is installed with a margin for large areas 8. easily connected to Wi-Fi 9. Easy to clean dust collection container 10. software for Android, in general, bearable.

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  20. R***n

    Chose this vacuum cleaner very long. Stopped on this model because of the volume of the container 0,6 ML, we have children and garbage enough, constantly wondering where it comes from… And a separate washing module is a good solution, took it out and put it in a Bucket (in our case) so as not to flow water residues. If you have white skirting boards, then the cleaning will be softer for him, to the white it comes smoothly. The thing is definitely useful, especially for animal owners. Convenient application and control convenient, fast charging, long enough, in general cleans, including wet cleaning does well. Very happy with the purchase. A wonderful assistant in cleaning the house. Recommend this model!

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    ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


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